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Welcome to Angels of Eva. This site is devoted to what I think is the best anime there is, Neon Genesis Evangelion. Angels of Eva will never be complete and is always under construction. I hope you appreciate my tribute to Evangelion. The logo was made by me so please don't use it. Please enjoy my site and have fun!

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Preorder the Evangelion Movies Coming to America!
Yes, finally we get to see the Eva movies! Yes, I admit, I never seen them, but I will when they come out! These Eva movies are targeted to come out in stores October 30, 2001. The price right now is at $29.95. But the sales price right now is $26.96. Well, what are you waiting for? Look at them!

Death & Rebirth | End of Evangelion

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  • 01/23/21 - 04:30PM EST - Angels of Eva is complete!
    Well, Angels of Eva is 100% complete in terms of archiving. All the links, images, gadgets here-and-there are all fully functional and working. I am so happy to have been able to preserve this website in its full form instead of seeing it broken on faux-archived-Geocities websites. I've also started a guestbook, forum and chatroom which I doubt will be active but it didn't fully feel like an old 90s/00s website without those links, so. Right now i'm currently working on archiving my old Gundam Wing website too at Gundam World. Please take a look. I literally just started archiving it so nothing works but that will be the link. I have a few more fansites out there too for Tenchi Muyo!, Rurouni Kenshin, Pokemon (of course) and Samurai Champloo but I have NO clue where any of them are that. I'm going to have to keep digging the ancient web. Well, enjoy. Until next time. - Jordan

  • 01/20/21 - 04:30PM EST - Almost 20 years later..
    Welcome to the "Rebuild" of Angels of Eva - located at angelsofeva.neocities.org. This website is an archive of my old Evangelion fansite "Angels of Eva", which was at geocities.com/angelsofeva. I am not sure if I want to continue updating it to include the Rebuild movies or not so for now this website will stay archived as it on this website. I decided to keep the name in preservation. And it still seems to fit in the Evangelion fashion. If you have any questions or anything, feel free to contact me. The website is archived but all links and contact information will be up to date to reflect the new host. Thank you! - Jordan

  • 04/23/01 - 04:00PM EST - As you can see..
    As you can see, I am currently moving my site to aoe.cherryblossomz.com. You can only see the splash page. Sorry! I am new to FTP but I am getting the hang of it, thanks to my favorite friend! I am currently making a BBS. It's pretty hard but I am getting the hang of it. Well, this is my last update until I move the site. I will remind you guys here when it opens. Still, keep voting for me as I go. I still need the domain! I would be so happy! Ja ne!

  • 04/22/01 - 09:35PM EST - My great friend is..
    My great friend is going to begin to host me tomorrow. The url shall be aoe.cherryblossomz.com. I will be using FTP and i am moving away from Geocities. But remember, it is not up yet! This is great because I can now have a BBS that takes 20mb of space! And Geocities offers 15! So, I am looking forward to the move!

  • 04/22/01 - 08:15PM EST - I added a new..
    I added a new section to the links called "Search Engines". I am in two search engines. Also, I took down the Topsites section, because well, I really do not care for topsites. I like networks better. ^_^ Also, I see a lot of you voting for me! Thank you so much! Keep voting!

  • 04/22/01 - 09:10AM EST - I need your help..
    I need your help. I see that not many people are communicating with other Eva fans on the Discussion Board. Do you think it is time that I should get a realy Message Board? Please tell me. Also, please supply a URL for a good Message Board. No cheap one like ezBoard. Thanks.

  • 04/21/01 - 07:45PM EST - Wow, I am happy..
    Wow, I am happy! We hit the 1000 mark today! Thanks to all of you! Well, thats it. I am going to finish watching some EVA dvds for fun! ^_^

  • 04/20/01 - 11:40PM EST - Hehe I got bored..
    Hehe I got bored so I added a new affiliate. I also added the Enter and Exit portals. They are pretty cool. Check them out.

  • 04/20/01 - 06:35PM EST - I just noticed that..
    I just noticed that the last time I updated was at the same time. Now that is just plain weird. Anyways, I am going to go in the chat until 7PM EST. Then, I have to go to the community center to hang out with friends. Then, I will be on at 10PM EST until around 12AM EST. Got it? Please visit me! Also, I was gone most of the day because I had to get rubber bands in my mouth on my braces. They hurt.. o.O

  • 04/20/01 - 06:35AM EST - It is time to..
    It is time to dicusss something. I have alot of emails telling me I should have a chatroom on the site. I told them, "Would you be willing to take time and chat on AOE?". They all replied either, "Yes" or "Of course!" Well, now that time has come. The time for a new era has begun.. *looks around* What was I just saying? *sweatdrop* Okay, lets just say, I added a pretty nice chatroom on the site. So, go ahead and chat your dreams away! *sighs* What am I saying?! lol

  • 04/18/01 - 06:40AM EST - Okay, the mind puzzling..
    Okay, the mind puzzling question that has been on everyone's mind .. who voted for Ritsuko on the Poll? I have seen to many poll msgs about this. And even people emailed me about it? Well, I didn't vote for her. And some people believe I voted for her .. I voted for Rei. But, whoever voted for Ritsuko it really doesn't matter. It is what someone believes that Shinji likes her. Although she never showed any affection towards Shinji in the series, you just never know. But it is kinda funny thinking about it! ^_^;; Well, I have to get ready for school. See ya.

  • 04/17/01 - 07:00PM EST - I decided to wait..
    I decided to wait till the new layout to come out untill I update more. I am sorry for doing this. *sigh* We hit the 700 mark. That is just great. Why does everyone come here and ... over 700 people come here ... and noone uses the guestbook, discussion board. That really puzzlez me. Instead, they use the Poll to post?! Ack ... strange ... people you scare me. Anywho, should I start posting mp3s? ... hm ... ? Also, I archieved the old updates again!